Madhva Mukhalankara by Vanamali Misra

MadhvaHistory.com is pleased to present this free eBook - "Madhva Mukhalankara" (ಮಧ್ವ ಮುಖಾಲಂಕಾರ) by Vanamali Misra.

This book has been published in the year 1936 and was printed at Benaras (Varanasi). This book has been edited by Mahamahopadhyaya Gopinath Kaviraj and the research of the text was carried out by Pandita Shiromani Varakheda Narasimhacharya. Sri Narasimhacharya, at that time, was an Asst. Professor at Govt. Sanskrit College, Benaras.

But the most interesting part of this book is that Sri Satyadhyana Tirtha of Uttaradi Matha has funded the publication of this book. It is heartening to learn that Sri Satyadhyanaru has caused the Govt. Sanskrit College to establish a dedicated Chair for the studies of Dvaita philosophy. This was surely a visionary step initiated by the revered Guru.

I am not sure how many of the present day Madhva pontiffs were able to impress upon the state and central Universities in establishing Chairs for the study of Madhva philosophy. In the modern context of "Islamic Studies" being carried out with state and central funds, I am lost in wild thoughts as to why can't be there a few Chairs in a few Universities that can further the historical and philosophical studies of Dvaita school!

Anyhow, I feel blessed to present this small but wonderful treatise that refutes "Madhva Tantra Mukhamardana" of Appayya Dikshita.


Thanks & Regards

Raghothama Rao

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