In Search of Sri Jayatirtha Brindavana Book 3

History of India is not a straight line to understand in its minimalist and simplistic character. Instead it is a curvy line entangled within and outward with many other sublime and ridiculous twists. The literature (of all categories) of this country has received deeper dents during medieval periods in the hands of foreign marauders rendering our knowledge to become checkered. In this process Adharmik onslaughts by the expansionists, the chain of wisdom has lost many links.

In spite of receiving such deadly blows, our elders have shown not only endurance but the resilience too and kept the Sanatana banner flying up in the sky. During the cruel moments of medieval times - though were cursed to live under adverse conditions with broken pieces of wisdom - our elders carried on with the daunting task of beholding the precious Sanatana Dharma. All of them have played their worldly duties assigned to them by the Supreme Soul from time to time. Their continual tryst with Dharma enabled them to raise empires almost from nowhere and kept the Sanatana banner to fly high.


This description can never get better should we miss to remember the Vijayanagara Empire of the South and its religious leaders at that time such as the militant Veerashaivas, clever Advaitins, skilled Vishishta Advaitins and razor-sharp Dvaitins. Be it Kriyashaktis or Advaitins or Vishishta Advaitins and Dvaitins, every spiritual master from 14th and 15th century strived to build a formidable Dharmik empire. They gave greater importance for safeguarding the Dharma from getting vanquished in line with its near destruction in the North.

That was the real time for the demigods and angels of Dharmik pantheon to descend upon the earth and protect their believers. That was the first onset of the dreaded Kaliyuga that finds its poetic expression in Abheeti Sthava of Vedanta Deshika. And that was the plight and prayer of the Sanatanis who were dumb-struck with the initial failure of their kings in stopping the destructive forces.

Thus the Dvaita Gurus who were the demigods and angles descended on this earth along with other Gurus of Vedanta. They have left innumerable physical parameters for a distant, 21st century worshippers like us to hold on to the path of Dharma. We, in this modern age, are again coming under the attack of Kali’s new apparatus of destruction. The present destruction is more of intellectual and psychological in nature than the earlier form of physical annihilation. In order to help us to overcome the blinding effect of Kali, our Gurus have left enough material in physical symbolism and all that we have to strive is to connect the dots and find the light.

With this background, the present eBook which is 3rd and final part of the series attempts to conclude the pursuit of Sri Jayatirtha’s Mula Brindavana through the scientific application of Iconography.

Readers are requested to exercise their free will in accepting or rejecting the arguments presented in this book and I also invite the readers to share rational thoughts on this eBook and the previous ones as well.

I wish to thank everyone who not only encouraged me to carry on with this difficult task but also supplemented it with their valuable advises.


C. Raghothama Rao

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+2 #1 GopinathS 2015-10-17 03:22
Good effort

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