The Life & Teachings of Sri Madhva - Book by Sri C.M. Padmanabhachar

Published in 1909, 'The Life and Teachings of Sri Madhvacharya" by Sri C.M. Padmanabhachar could be one of the earliest book on Sri Madhvacharya in English language. I saw this book on interlet 3 years ago and today got the opportunity to upload for free download from MadhvaHistory.com

As far as my knowledge goes Sri Padmanabhachar seems to be the first scholar to fix the date of Sri Madhva between 1238 - 1317 AD which has been supported and strengthened further by greats like Sri B.N.K. Sharma.

A worth reading book on Sri Madhva and I am sure that the English used in this book by Sri Padmanabhacharya can teach many new words to the present day youngsters who think that the US English is the only English for the English speaking community!

Download this file (The Life And Teachings Of SriMadhvacharyar.compressed.pdf)The Life and Teachings of Sri MadhavacharyaThe Life and Teachings of Sri Madhavacharya2174


+1 #6 prasannarao 2017-12-21 10:32
Thank you for sharing this and other books.
+1 #5 prasannarao 2017-12-21 10:29
Are there any book on Madhva philosophy written in Hindi?
Kuppu rao Panth
+2 #4 Kuppu rao Panth 2015-05-05 14:44
Excellent .. I am proud to know that young people are int.in such good book written more than 100years ago.

Kuppu rao
Great grand son of CMP from grand daughter line
C G Badrinath
+2 #3 C G Badrinath 2015-03-02 12:01
It is heartening to note the adulation made on this book which is the very harbinger of Madhva philosophy brought to chaste English by a 20th century Madhva scholar. Incidentally, I happen to be the great-grandson of C.M.Padmanabhacharya and am indeed proud to know that there are persons who have recognised the worth of this book both in terms of its content and language.
R.Narayan Rao
+2 #2 R.Narayan Rao 2015-02-26 09:21
Must to be read by Madhwas
+3 #1 IVNS Raju 2015-02-24 10:03
Thanks for sharing this eBook. Persons like me are fortunate to have the works of Sri CMP as I cannot read the original works of Madhvacharya in Samskrutam. It is also a boon for all modern and genuine seekers to know of the Tatwa of Dwaitam.

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