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Front panel of Sri Vyasatirtha Brindavana 

This is the excellently carved stone panel of the front portion of Sri Vyasatirtha’s Brindavana that shows Sri Rama seated along with his consort Sitadevi both sitting in in Sukhasana and flanked by Lakshmana (on to our right) and Vyasatirtha (on to our left) both showing Anjali mudra and having Hanuma at his feet exhibiting Dasa bhava.

This being the front face of the Brindavana, it only receives all the Puja, Abhisheka and Alankara done to the Brindavana. Hence it becomes an interesting exploration to understand why Vyasatirtha preferred Rama over his beloved Krishna to grace the façade of his Brindavana?

Brief Story of Jayasthambha

For those readers who are new to this subject, I wish to give them the gist of the story.

Sri Akshobhya Tirtha, the 4th successor of Acharya Madhva has ascended the Dvaita Vedanta Peetha in the year c.1350. He has succeeded Sri Mādhava Tirtha (Ascendance:1333 Brindavana: 1349/50) and prevailed over the Peetha till c.1365.

The fables of Mādhva community say that there ensued a great debate between Akshobhya and Vidyāranya, the two stalwarts of Dvaita and Advaita schools, at a place called Hunchadakallu Gudda, a small hillock in Mulbagal (Purva Kavatapuri). Kumara Kampana, the then Governor of Mulbagal and many other royal dignitaries have gathered to witness this grand fiesta of polemic dispute. Vedanta Deshikan of Srivaishnava School has been chosen as the “referee” but he was not physically present at the venue and was staying at Srirangam. The 40 days of close contest between the two saints has touched upon every book of Vedanta and finally Akshobhya came out victorious while discussing Upanishad statement of “tattvamasi” and a ‘pillar of victory’ (image shown below) has been erected at the very spot where the arguments took place.

Recently there came a write-up which has been introduced to the public as ‘official statement from UM.’ 

Following are my observations on the said official statement & these observations are limited to the historical antecedents mentioned therein.


As there were few allegations that the present subject-matter i.e. the ‘disputed’ story that went viral has been woven by a present pontiff of a particular Matha. In order to reject such allegations, the official statement of the said Matha tried to prove that the story is quite old and dates back to 1970s or even before that. Following references have been cited in the write-up:

Recently, an audio clip that contained a legend associated with a popular polemical work titled Advaita Siddhi written by Madhusudana Saraswati from Sankara’s Advaita School gone viral. This Advaita Siddhi is a rebuttal of Vyasatirtha’s Nyanamruta.

Here is a translation (not verbatim but the essence of the speech).